“Effective Software Systems for Scientific Data Visualization” Moderated by Lloyd A. Treinish

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    Effective Software Systems for Scientific Data Visualization



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    Good morning, and welcome to the panel session on effective software systems for scientific visualization. Before we get started, we want to make just a couple of announcements. The entire proceedings will be taped. Therefore, when you come up during the interactive portion of the session to ask questions, make sure you come to the mikes in the aisles. There should be plenty of them. And make sure that you identify yourself and your affiliation.

    In addition. we will have to vacate the room at 10:30. There is another panel session that’s supposed to start at 10:45. There will be a breakout room set up off to the left; I think it’s Salon D. That’s it for the announcements.
    Despite the advancement of scientific visualization over the last several years, there is still significant problems in bringing today’s technology into the hands of the typical scientist.

    In addition, visualization cannot stand alone. It’s a critical part of the data analysis and understanding process, and it is much more than a bunch of pretty pictures, and we hope to illustrate these ideas to you.

    We’ve been involved in various aspects of building visualization tools or interfaces to computer systems for non-computer scientists on a variety of disciplines. We will outline some of the problems and solutions that we have encountered, as well as some of the unresolved issues.

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