“Edge-avoiding wavelets and their applications” by Fattal

  • ©Raanan Fattal




    Edge-avoiding wavelets and their applications



    We propose a new family of second-generation wavelets constructed using a robust data-prediction lifting scheme. The support of these new wavelets is constructed based on the edge content of the image and avoids having pixels from both sides of an edge. Multi-resolution analysis, based on these new edge-avoiding wavelets, shows a better decorrelation of the data compared to common linear translation-invariant multi-resolution analyses. The reduced inter-scale correlation allows us to avoid halo artifacts in band-independent multi-scale processing without taking any special precautions. We thus achieve nonlinear data-dependent multi-scale edge-preserving image filtering and processing at computation times which are linear in the number of image pixels. The new wavelets encode, in their shape, the smoothness information of the image at every scale. We use this to derive a new edge-aware interpolation scheme that achieves results, previously computed by solving an inhomogeneous Laplace equation, through an explicit computation. We thus avoid the difficulties in solving large and poorly-conditioned systems of equations.We demonstrate the effectiveness of the new wavelet basis for various computational photography applications such as multi-scale dynamic-range compression, edge-preserving smoothing and detail enhancement, and image colorization.


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