“Edge‐Aware Point Set Resampling” by Huang, Wu, Gong, Cohen-Or, Ascher, et al. …

  • ©Hui Huang, Shihao Wu, Minglun Gong, Daniel Cohen-Or, Uri Ascher, and Hao Zhang




    Edge‐Aware Point Set Resampling

Session/Category Title:   Points




    Points acquired by laser scanners are not intrinsically equipped with normals, which are essential to surface reconstruction and point set rendering using surfels. Normal estimation is notoriously sensitive to noise. Near sharp features, the computation of noise-free normals becomes even more challenging due to the inherent undersampling problem at edge singularities. As a result, common edge-aware consolidation techniques such as bilateral smoothing may still produce erroneous normals near the edges. We propose a resampling approach to process a noisy and possibly outlier-ridden point set in an edge-aware manner. Our key idea is to first resample away from the edges so that reliable normals can be computed at the samples, and then based on reliable data, we progressively resample the point set while approaching the edge singularities. We demonstrate that our Edge-Aware Resampling (EAR) algorithm is capable of producing consolidated point sets with noise-free normals and clean preservation of sharp features. We also show that EAR leads to improved performance of edge-aware reconstruction methods and point set rendering techniques.


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