“Driving motion control by motion capture using CG” by Frisch, LeBloch and Baron

  • ©Alex Frisch, James LeBloch, and Gil Baron




    Driving motion control by motion capture using CG



    In creating the Pepsi “Dance Tron” commercial (accepted to the 2007 SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival), Method Studios combined motion capture with motion control in a novel manner. Following a pre-shoot motion capture session with breakdancers, we used a skeleton in Autodesk’s Maya for pre-visualization of the intricate dance moves to select the desired motions. Repeatable action rigging systems, built to hold ten dancers and mounted on a gimbal for the live shoot, were created to reproduce as much movement as possible, and these rigs were driven by data created in CG based upon the motion capture. In this manner, we were able to smoothly combine CG and practical elements, a method that we believe to be best for generating a believable appearance for such imaginative creations.

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