“Dressed for Saving the Day: Finer Details for Garment Shading on Incredibles 2” by Crow, Kilgore and Ling

  • ©Trent Crow, Michael Kilgore, and Junyi Ling

  • ©Trent Crow, Michael Kilgore, and Junyi Ling



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    Dressed for Saving the Day: Finer Details for Garment Shading on Incredibles 2



    On Incredibles 2 the characters shading team was tasked with creating the look for both reality-based clothes reminiscent of the 1950’s era as well as creatively styled superhero suits. A major design goal was to add details in whatever ways possible to help give this sequel a more sophisticated look and feel when compared to the original film and appropriately supplement other visual advances since then in lighting and fx.

    Two methods that helped us achieve this was using Bump-To-Roughness to help preserve fine details in the clothing and using curve procedurals, or fuzz, to add realism to the garment shading. Bump-To-Roughness (BtoR) helps preserve specular roughness variation details while shaping the specular distribution in a natural way. The procedural fuzz provides a tunable specular response near the surface, that breaks up the edge silhouette and compliments the imperfect nature of realistic objects without additional modeling or grooming. In this talk we will describe ways in which these two methods helped us achieve a variety of impressive looks to our garments.


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