“DNEG, Framestore, and MPC Present: The Visual Effects of “Blade Runner 2049”” by Clegg, Hoover and McLaughlin

  • ©Richard Clegg, Richard Hoover, and Chris McLaughlin




    DNEG, Framestore, and MPC Present: The Visual Effects of “Blade Runner 2049”


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    DNeg, Framestore, and MPC


    35 years after the release of the original “Blade Runner” film, the visual effects teams behind “Blade Runner 2049” were tasked with the challenge of crafting a dystopian world in the next phase of one of the most-beloved sci-fi films of all time. Set 30 years after the first film, the sequel follows a new blade runner as he unearths a long- buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into chaos. From the creation of the LA cityscapes, Las Vegas, and Trash Mesa environments to the development of a holographic Joi and the return of Rachael, join the filmmakers from DNEG, Framestore, and MPC as they discuss their Academy-Award winning work that paid tribute to the original picture while creating a film of the future.


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