“DIVIPRO: Distributed Interactive VIrtual PROtotoyping” by Glencross, Marsh, Cook, Daubrenet, Pettifer, et al. …

  • ©Mashhuda Glencross, James Marsh, Jon Cook, Sylvain Daubrenet, Stephen Pettifer, and Roger J. Hubbold



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    DIVIPRO: Distributed Interactive VIrtual PROtotoyping

Session/Category Title:   Geometric Modeling



    DIVIPRO is a prototype tool for simulating the assembly and disassembly of mechanical engineering components. It is aimed particularly at situations where the responsibility for decision making is shared between geographically dispersed design teams, and provides a collaborative environment in which different team members concurrently visualize and manipulate models. It is currently being evaluated using models from the aerospace and medical industries.


    1. Pettifer, S., Cook, J., Marsh, J., and West, A. 2000. Deva3: Architecture for a large scale virtual reality system. In Proceedings of ACM Symposium in Virtual Reality Software and Technology, ACM Press, 33–39.

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