“Disney•Pixar’s “LAVA”: Moving Mountains” by Murphy, Hartline, Lee, Watral, Levy, et al. …

  • ©James Ford Murphy, Aaron Hartline, Austin Lee, Bill Watral, Colin Levy, Dirk Van Gelder, Jesse Hollander, and Byron Bashforth




    Disney•Pixar’s “LAVA”: Moving Mountains


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    Pixar Animation Studios


    “LAVA” is a love letter to volcanoes and the beauty of tropical islands. But even more, it’s a musical work of art that required unique collaboration among Pixar’s artists. From designing a main character that is also the main set, to integrating a unique set of new lighting tools, to telling a story in song, the production required all teams to work in a collaborative and improvisational way, which was both terrifying and exhilarating as all the components came together. This session explains how “LAVA” came to life as the teams were inspired by each other’s artistic choices to create an explosive vision.

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