“Discrete texture design using a programmable approach” by Loi, Hurtut, Vergne and Thollot

  • ©Hugo Loi, Thomas Hurtut, Romain Vergne, and Joëlle Thollot




    Discrete texture design using a programmable approach



    Many rendering methods use discrete textures (planar arrangements of vector elements) instead of classic bitmaps. Discrete textures are resolution-insensitive and easily allow to modify the elements’ geometry or spatial distribution. However, manually drawing such textures is a time-consuming task. Automating this production is a long-time studied subject. The methods designed for this purpose deal with a difficult tradeoff between the reachable variety of textures and the usability for a community of users.


    1. Grabli, S., Turquin, E., Durand, F., and Sillion, F. X. 2010. Programmable rendering of line drawing from 3D scenes. ACM Trans. Graph. 29, 2, 1–20.

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