“Discrete Connection and Covariant Derivative for Vector-Field Analysis and Design” by Wang, Goes, Tong and Desbrun

  • ©Beibei Wang, Fernando de Goes, Yiying Tong, and Mathieu Desbrun




    Discrete Connection and Covariant Derivative for Vector-Field Analysis and Design

Session/Category Title: MESHES & FIELDS




    In this article, we introduce a discrete definition of connection on simplicial manifolds, involving closed-form continuous expressions within simplices and finite rotations across simplices. The finite-dimensional parameters of this connection are optimally computed by minimizing a quadratic measure of the deviation to the (discontinuous) Levi-Civita connection induced by the embedding of the input triangle mesh, or to any metric connection with arbitrary cone singularities at vertices. From this discrete connection, a covariant derivative is constructed through exact differentiation, leading to explicit expressions for local integrals of first-order derivatives (such as divergence, curl, and the Cauchy-Riemann operator) and for L2-based energies (such as the Dirichlet energy). We finally demonstrate the utility, flexibility, and accuracy of our discrete formulations for the design and analysis of vector, n-vector, and n-direction fields.


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