“DirectX 8 Graphics” by Taylor, Boyd and Gosalia

  • ©Philip Taylor, Chas Boyd, and Anuj Gosalia



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    DirectX 8 Graphics

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    Basic understanding of beginning-level 3D graphics concepts, such as that taught in the SIGGRAPH beginning graphics course, and an understanding of computer programming. Familiarity with a graphics API such as OpenGL and a shader language system such as RenderMan is helpful but not required. C++ syntax is used for the majority of the course. The shader language exposed in DirectX 8 graphics uses an assembly syntax. 

    The basics of DirectX 8 graphics programming. The real-time programmable pipeline exposed in DirectX 8 graphics. The support provided in the D3DX helper library and the authoring tool support. 

    DirectX 8 graphics blends new ease-of-use components with advanced features like vertex and pixel-level programmable shading languages, higher-order surface support, and modeling tool plug-ins for enabling content creation. In this course, attendees learn the basic rules of DirectX 8 graphics programming and how to apply DirectX 8 capabilities to their own work. It reviews both the legacy, fixed-function pipeline and the new, programmable pipeline, with special attention focused on the vertex and pixel shader systems. 


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