“Digital pyro for Reign of Fire” by Dalton, Rosenblum, Huang, Lee and Driskill

  • ©Patrick Dalton, Robert Rosenblum, Shyh-Chyuan Huang, Lawrence Lee, and Hank Driskill



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    Digital pyro for Reign of Fire

Session/Category Title:   Making of Reign of Fire



    Our goal was to create realistic digital pyrotechnic effects for the film “Reign of Fire”. The specific effects we needed were fire, smoke, fog, flying embers and dust kicked up from dragons flying overhead. We also needed the effects to interact with the environment as well as the dragons. To make the challenge more difficult, we realized that it wasn’t good enough to create real world physical interactions; the film needed imagery that was larger than life and exagerated. We needed to be able to art direct the simulations.


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