“Digital photography with flash and no-flash image pairs” by Petschnigg, Szeliski, Agrawala, Cohen, Hoppe, et al. …

  • ©Georg Petschnigg, Richard Szeliski, Maneesh Agrawala, Michael Cohen, Hugues Hoppe, and Kentaro Toyama




    Digital photography with flash and no-flash image pairs



    Digital photography has made it possible to quickly and easily take a pair of images of low-light environments: one with flash to capture detail and one without flash to capture ambient illumination. We present a variety of applications that analyze and combine the strengths of such flash/no-flash image pairs. Our applications include denoising and detail transfer (to merge the ambient qualities of the no-flash image with the high-frequency flash detail), white-balancing (to change the color tone of the ambient image), continuous flash (to interactively adjust flash intensity), and red-eye removal (to repair artifacts in the flash image). We demonstrate how these applications can synthesize new images that are of higher quality than either of the originals.


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