“Digital Domain Presents “Making the Steel Real: Moving VFX Into Production”” by Ames, Nash, Rosengrant, Gillberg and Taylor

  • ©Ron Ames, Erik Nash, John Rosengrant, Swen Gillberg, and Dan Taylor




    Digital Domain Presents “Making the Steel Real: Moving VFX Into Production”



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    Digital Domain


    Nominated for a visual effects Academy Award, DreamWorks’ “Real Steel” was recognized not only for its rollicking boxing matches between CG robots, but also for the seamless way the film moves between practical robots and their CG counterparts. In this panel, some of the “Real Steel” filmmakers walk through robot design, explain key techniques and shots, and share the groundbreaking virtual-production process that they packed up and moved to Detroit, which compressed the shooting schedule to 71 days with no second unit.

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