“Digital costuming and virtual backgrounds on Iron Man” by Snow, Hickel and Smythe

  • ©Ben Snow, Hal Hickel, and Douglas (Doug) B. Smythe




    Digital costuming and virtual backgrounds on Iron Man



    Overview, On-Set Experiences and Virtual Backgrounds: Ben Snow – Preproduction Preparation – Stories From the Set – On-set Environment Capture For Lighting and Virtual Backgrounds – Using Tiled Backgrounds to Enhance or Replace Practical Camera Moves – Creating Backgrounds From Scratch: the Suit Up Sequence Sequence Development and Animation: Hal Hickel – Developing the Story and Action Sequences – Limitations of the Practical Suits – Full and Partial Suit Replacements – Mocap vs. ILM’s iMocap vs. Hand Animation – Animating Realistic Flight Dynamics – Rigging a Rigid Suit – Smoke Trail Path Visualization During Animation Technical Issues, Lighting and Rendering: Doug Smythe – Complexity of the CG Suit, Internal Pieces and “Cool Mech” – Lighting and Materials – Smoke Trail Renders – 3D Renders vs. 2D Comp Treatments – Summary

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