“Development of an Open Source Motion Capture System” by Canada, Ventura, Iossa, Moreno and Joel

  • ©Paul Canada, George Ventura, Christopher Iossa, Orquidia Moreno, and William J. Joel



Entry Number: 46


    Development of an Open Source Motion Capture System



    Motion capture (MoCap) has been one of the leading and most useful tools within the field of animation to capture fluid and detailed motion. However, it can be quite expensive for animators, game developers and educators on tight budgets. By using Raspberry Pi Zeros, with NoIR cameras and IR LED light rings, the cost of a four camera system can potentially be reduced to less than 1000 USD. The research described should lead to an effective and useful system, able to detect multiple markers, record their coordinates, and keep track of them as they move. With a setup of three or more cameras, one would be able to triangulate the data on a low-cost host computer. All software and hardware designs will be disseminated open source, providing anyone who is interested in MoCap, whether it be for hobbyist, semi-professional, or educational purposes, a system for a fraction of the typical cost.



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    The authors would like to acknowledge the Hancock Tech/Art Fund at Western Connecticut State University for their support.


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