“Developing “Mass Effect: New Earth”: a 4D holographic adventure” by deMontarnal, Dieckmann, Newstate, Reagan and Huber

  • ©Robert deMontarnal, Christian Dieckmann, Howard Newstate, Clint Reagan, and Nathan Huber




    Developing "Mass Effect: New Earth": a 4D holographic adventure


Project Affiliation:

    BioWare and Cedar Fair


    This session focuses on development of “Mass Effect: New Earth,” a first-of-its kind theme-park attraction at California’s Great America in Santa Clara. The experience features “holographic 3D”, using the world’s largest and highest-resolution 3D LED screens, combined with cutting-edge mixed-field sound technology, motion seats, and 4D effects such as leg ticklers, air blasts, transducers, and CO2. The panel will discuss the technology used in the attraction and how multiple partners, including BioWare, Cedar Fair, 3D Live, and Halon Entertainment, collaborated to build it.

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