““Developing 3d design education for Continuing education and professional students”” by Mendoza

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    “Developing 3d design education for Continuing education and professional students”



    The purpose of this document is the analysis and reexamination of the pedagogical objectives in developing a design education curriculum for conceptual and practical topics in 3d and visual effects. As a set of guidelines for both success and failures in topics covered, we will be using the prior research from Theresa Amabile on creativity in managerial business practices. Our theory is that these same practices can be applied in the conceptual understanding of teaching and developing curriculum of 3d design education when referenced to the success or failure of inspiring creativity. The uniqueness of this research will be to examine these practices in reference to the dissemination on continuing education and professional students. Our sense is that this is an emerging market for the education of 3d computing in both graduate and professional studies. The case study that we will examine is the e-21 course series developed at the Harvard University Extension School for continuing education students. This background will give educators and university administrators an insight into the complexities, achievements and failures in developing teaching and organizational practices for this particular segment.


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