“Designing an Interaction with an Octopus”

  • ©Jeremie Talbot, Mark A. Piretti, Kevin Singleton, and Mark Hessler



Entry Number: 43


    Designing an Interaction with an Octopus



    In Pixar’s Finding Dory, we are introduced to a new character: Hank the Octopus. This is a very different character than Pixar has been asked to animate before.

    Our directors demanded both precise control and graceful, clean silhouettes. The reference artwork we were given showed complex curves between arms and body without any disjointed shapes or breaks in form. Video of Octopus in motion reveals an infinitely malleable creature capable of an enormous shape language. This art direction required a small group of TDs to create a control scheme that was sensible, flexible and with a new level of control in order for animators to bring Hank to life.

    We had to think deeply from the tips of the fingers all the way through how the tentacles connect to the mouth corners, and eye sockets. Each of this issues raised concerns around design, deformation and finally how the end user can manipulate such complexity effectively.



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