“Deformation Embedded for Point-Based Elastoplastic Simulation” by Jones, Ward, Jallepalli, Perenia and Bargteil

  • ©Ben Jones, Stephen Ward, Ashok Jallepalli, Joseph Perenia, and Adam Bargteil




    Deformation Embedded for Point-Based Elastoplastic Simulation

Session/Category Title: Stretching & Flowing




    We present a straightforward, easy-to-implement, point-based approach for animating elastoplastic materials. The core idea of our approach is the introduction of embedded space—the least-squares best fit of the material’s rest state into three dimensions. Nearest-neighbor queries in the embedded space efficiently update particle neighborhoods to account for plastic flow. These queries are simpler and more efficient than remeshing strategies employed in mesh-based finite element methods. We also introduce a new estimate for the volume of a particle, allowing particle masses to vary spatially and temporally with fixed density. Our approach can handle simultaneous extreme elastic and plastic deformations. We demonstrate our approach on a variety of examples that exhibit a wide range of material behaviors.


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