“Deep SVBRDF Estimation from Single Image under Learned Planar Lighting” by Zhang, Gao, Wang, Yu, Cheng, et al. …

  • ©Lianghao Zhang, Fangzhou Gao, Li Wang, Minjing Yu, Jiamin Cheng, and Jiawan Zhang




    Deep SVBRDF Estimation from Single Image under Learned Planar Lighting

Session/Category Title: Neural Capturing




    Estimating spatially varying BRDF from a single image without complicated acquisition devices is a challenging problem. In this paper, a deep learning based method was proposed to improve the capture efficiency of single image significantly by learning the lighting pattern of a planar light source, and reconstruct high-quality SVBRDF by learning the global correlation prior of the input image. In our framework, the lighting pattern optimization is embedded in the training process of the network by introducing an online rendering process. The rendering process not only renders images online as the input of network, but also efficiently back propagates gradients from the network to optimize the lighting pattern. Once trained, the network can estimate SVBRDFs from real photographs captured under the learned lighting pattern. Additionally, we describe an onsite capture setup that needs no careful calibration to capture the material sample efficiently. In particular, even a cell phone can be used for illumination. We demonstrate on synthetic and real data that our method could recover a wide range of materials from a single image casually captured under the learned lighting pattern.


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