“Deep Motion Transfer without Big Data” by Kwon, Yu, Jang, Cho, Lee, et al. …

  • ©Byungjun Kwon, Moonwon Yu, Hanyoung Jang, KyuHyun Cho, Hyundong Lee, and Taesung Hahn



Entry Number: 58


    Deep Motion Transfer without Big Data



    This paper presents a novel motion transfer algorithm that copies content motion into a specific style character. The input consists of two motions. One is a content motion such as walking or running, and the other is movement style such as zombie or Krall. The algorithm automatically generates the synthesized motion such as walking zombie, walking Krall, running zombie, or running Krall. In order to obtain natural results, the method adopts the generative power of deep neural networks. Compared to previous neural approaches, the proposed algorithm shows better quality, runs extremely fast, does not require big data, and supports user controllable style weights. 


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