“DecoBrush: drawing structured decorative patterns by example” by Lu, Barnes, Wan, Asente, Mech, et al. …

  • ©Jingwan Lu, Connelly Barnes, Connie Wan, Paul Asente, Radomir Mech, and Adam Finkelstein




    DecoBrush: drawing structured decorative patterns by example

Session/Category Title: Typography & Illustration




    Structured decorative patterns are common ornamentations in a variety of media like books, web pages, greeting cards and interior design. Creating such art from scratch using conventional software is time consuming for experts and daunting for novices. We introduce DecoBrush, a data-driven drawing system that generalizes the conventional digital “painting” concept beyond the scope of natural media to allow synthesis of structured decorative patterns following user-sketched paths. The user simply selects an example library and draws the overall shape of a pattern. DecoBrush then synthesizes a shape in the style of the exemplars but roughly matching the overall shape. If the designer wishes to alter the result, DecoBrush also supports user-guided refinement via simple drawing and erasing tools. For a variety of example styles, we demonstrate high-quality user-constrained synthesized patterns that visually resemble the exemplars while exhibiting plausible structural variations.


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