“Data driven in-betweening for hand drawn rotating face” by Gohara, Sugimoto and Morishima

  • ©Hiroaki Gohara, Shiori Sugimoto, and Shigeo Morishima



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    Data driven in-betweening for hand drawn rotating face



    In anime production, some key-frames are drawn by artist precisely and then a great number of in-betweening frames are drawn by assistants’ hands. However, it is seriously time-consuming and skilled work to draw many characters especially including face rotation. In this paper, we propose an automatic in-betweening technique for rotating face of hand drawn character only from a front image and a diagonal image (Fig.1). Baxter [2009] represented generating in-betweening using image morphing technique. However, their approach doesn’t consider reflecting the artist’s style and touch. Accordingly, we represent reflecting style and touch using morphing technique trained by his own database and introduced especially to generate a rotational in-betweening faces. This database contains center of gravity of each part (right eye, left eye, nose, mouth, eyebrow) and the contours on the facial image.


    William Baxter et al., “Compatible Embedding for 2D Shape Animation”, IEEE Transactions Visualization and Computer Graphics, vol. 15, Issue 5, p867–879, 2009. Google ScholarDigital Library

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