“Curvature driven sampling of displacement maps” by Hirche and Ehlert

  • ©Johannes Hirche and Alexander Ehlert



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    Curvature driven sampling of displacement maps

Session/Category Title:   Hardware Rendering



    Displacement Mapping [Cook 1984] is commonly used in commercial rendering software for adding surface detail. In contrast to Bump Mapping not only the normal is perturbed, the surface is modified as well. A given point P on a surface is displaced to a new point P’ in the direction of the surface normal of the point P, N scaled with the value stored in the Displacement Map:


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    2. Doggett, M., and Hirche, J. 2000. Adaptive view dependent tessellation of displacement maps. In Proc. of Eurographics/SIGGRAPH workshop on graphics hardware 2000, 59–66.

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