“CT2Hair: High-fidelity 3D Hair Modeling Using Computed Tomography” by Shen, Saito, Wang, Maury, Wu, et al. …

  • ©Yuefan Shen, Shunsuke Saito, Ziyan Wang, Olivier Maury, Chenglei Wu, Jessica K. Hodgins, Youyi Zheng, and Giljoo Nam




    CT2Hair: High-fidelity 3D Hair Modeling Using Computed Tomography

Session/Category Title: Thin and Thinner: Modeling Shells and Hair



    We introduce CT2Hair, a fully automatic framework for creating high-fidelity 3D hair models using computed tomography. Our approach utilizes real-world hair wigs as input and is able to reconstruct hair strands for a wide range of hair styles. The 3D hair models are suitable for use in downstream graphics applications.

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