“Creative Expression on the Digital Canvas: An Online Digital Art Class” by Sutton

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    Creative Expression on the Digital Canvas: An Online Digital Art Class



    This paper discusses how I have created and taught an online digital art class. The focus of the class is creative empowerment. The goal is to encourage and facilitate students’ creative expression on the digital canvas, harnessing the unique benefits of the digital medium both as an exciting, versatile, and powerful medium for painting, and as an efficient and convenient medium for worldwide communication and interaction.

    I explain the background to this class, the choices I made in curriculum structure, technology, and marketing. I provide an insight into the way the class has evolved, sharing my experience implementing the course – the successes and pitfalls, the lessons learned along the way. And I provide a road map that can encourage and assist others who are interested in teaching their own online classes, or who are considering becoming online students.


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