“Creating the Unreal: Speculative Visions for Future Living Structures”

  • ©Taro Narahara

  • ©Taro Narahara

  • ©Taro Narahara

  • ©Taro Narahara

  • ©Taro Narahara



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    Creating the Unreal: Speculative Visions for Future Living Structures



    Science fiction films such as Blade Runner have taken us to worlds where we can experience and share future visions of cities, structures, and life styles conceived by prominent creators. Not only for experts in leading production studios, it is an exciting moment for many digital designers as new game engine technologies allow us to create and walk through imaginary virtual environments almost on the fly. However, how much those spectacular visions are really feasible and credible—based on speculative yet thoroughly rigorous (not sci-fi) scientific studies—is a good question.


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