“Creating the Immersive World of BioWare’s ‘Anthem’” by Strittmatter, Vanelle, Cloward, Colvin and Stewart

  • ©Gracie Arenas Strittmatter, Jeff Vanelle, Benjamin P. Cloward, Eve Colvin, and Darrin Stewart




    Creating the Immersive World of BioWare's ‘Anthem’


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    The savage world of Anthem is volatile, lush, expansive, and full of unexpected characters. Bringing these aspects to life in a real-time (30fps) interactive environment presented a wealth of challenging problems for BioWare’s technical artists and rendering engineers. These developers work with content creators to bridge art and technology through creative problem solving in areas such as performance/runtime, shaders, and artist tools. This retrospective panel will highlight some of the team’s work, alongside reflections on innovation, distributed collaboration/coordination, and the successes and challenges of creating a new IP for the world to enjoy.

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