“Creating the Amazon in “Rio 2”” by Humber, Monschein, Kalaigian, Barksdale and Lai

  • ©Thomas Humber, Karyn Buczek Monschein, John Kalaigian, David Barksdale, and Alen Lai




    Creating the Amazon in “Rio 2”


Project Affiliation:

    Blue Sky Studios


    Building one tree in a CG environment can be an interesting story to tell but creating the Amazon Jungle in Rio 2 is a much larger tale! In order to bring this massive jungle to the screen, the Blue Sky team had to consider the overall scale, diversity of plants and trees, density of assets on the ground and in the treetops and choreography of moving cameras in order to give the audience the feeling of birds in flight with unparalleled views of the world’s most unique ecosystem. Blue Sky Artists and Technical Directors created an infinite jungle out of a carefully designed collection of parts and assets, and brought it to life by building rigs for secondary animation. There was a constant need to find efficient ways to work with complex heavy files, create staging areas that stayed consistently overgrown all coupled with a stereoscopic version that felt as dense as it did in 2D. All of the departments had to come together to influence and support each others processes to build this technically challenging yet beautiful, lush environment that was used in multiple sequences throughout the film.

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