“Creating 3D painterly environments for Disney’s “Treasure Planet”” by Odermatt and Springfield

  • ©Kyle Odermatt and Chris D. Springfield



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    Creating 3D painterly environments for Disney's "Treasure Planet"

Session/Category Title:   2D Aesthetic in a 3D World



    Since the first color short, Walt Disney animated films have been known for their beautiful and breathtaking environments that seamlessly integrate with the hand drawn characters that populate them. Over the years, technological innovations have streamlined the process of creating these environments while still maintaining the extremely high artistic standards that have made our films famous. Other advances, like the multi-plane camera, have helped to revolutionize how the camera moves through these environments. In general, such technological innovations are inspired by an artistic need which must be achieved with out being prohibitively expensive. On Walt Disney’s “Treasure Planet”, new innovations to the DeepCanvas renderer were inspired by such artistic needs and desires.

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