“Continuous projection for fast L1 reconstruction” by Preiner, Mattausch, Arikan, Pajarola and Wimmer

  • ©Reinhold Preiner, Oliver Mattausch, Murat Arikan, Renato Pajarola, and Michael Wimmer




    Continuous projection for fast L1 reconstruction

Session/Category Title: Points & Reconstruction



    With better and faster acquisition devices comes a demand for fast robust reconstruction algorithms, but no L1-based technique has been fast enough for online use so far. In this paper, we present a novel continuous formulation of the weighted locally optimal projection (WLOP) operator based on a Gaussian mixture describing the input point density. Our method is up to 7 times faster than an optimized GPU implementation of WLOP, and achieves interactive frame rates for moderately sized point clouds. We give a comprehensive quality analysis showing that our continuous operator achieves a generally higher reconstruction quality than its discrete counterpart. Additionally, we show how to apply our continuous formulation to spherical mixtures of normal directions, to also achieve a fast robust normal reconstruction.


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