“Context-sensitive, graphic presentation of information” by Friedell, Barnett and Kramlich

  • ©Mark Friedell, Jane Barnett, and David Kramlich




    Context-sensitive, graphic presentation of information



    We begin by reviewing spatial data management—the technique of accessing and organizing information via its graphical representation in an organized spatial framework. We describe an operational prototype system that exceeds the capabilities of other spatial data management systems in two ways: (1) the graphical presentation of data is tailored to the user’s identity, task, and database query; and (2) the system has the capacity for large databases. These capabilities are possible because the system dynamically generates its graphics environment. Our technique for dynamically generating the graphics environment relies on modeling of user context, semantic modeling of the underlying database, and direct use of knowledge about design layout and the utility of pictures. We briefly describe our current research efforts to extend this knowledge-based approach to automatic graphics environment synthesis. A videotape demonstrating the system accompanies this paper.


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