“Conceiving embodiment: the dance-architecture of spawn” by Thomsen and Brown

  • ©Mette Ramsgard Thomsen and Carol Brown




    Conceiving embodiment: the dance-architecture of spawn



    Fundamental shifts in concepts of liveness are taking place in theatre architecture as it incorporates 21st century digital technologies. The development of new ecologies of performance through the convergence of live presence and digital technologies are central to the development of dance as it is challenged by the proliferation of new media. Spawn is an inter-disciplinary research project involving the practice of dance, architecture and computer science. Spawn aims to conceive an embodied space by investigating presence and being in environments that merge physical and virtual dimensions, Mixed Realities. Questioning the limits of the body and its virtual representation, Spawn fuses the thinking of embodiment and space with the design of creative technologies for the interfacing and performance of digital environments.


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