“Computer graphics in television” Moderated by

  • ©Tom Klimek, Larry Evans, Peter Black, H. Bley, D. Weise, and Richard G. Shoup



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    Computer graphics in television



    Our society is increasingly relying on symbolic and imaginal communication to augment written and spoken language (advertising graphics, logos and corporate I.D.s, satellite weather maps, international traffic, dashboard symbols, etc.). Nowhere are graphics and sophisticated imagery being more widely and innovatively used than in television production. Greater availability of computer graphics and a strong trend in television technology towards digital electronics makes this an application of high synergy and potential. The purpose of this panel is to bring together several top system designers and leading graphic designers in television to exchange points of view about this exciting application area. Panelists will show and discuss recent on-air uses of electronic graphics and will exchange ideas about what is needed, possible, important, and useful for the future.

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