“Computer Graphics Educational Materials Source Policies and Status Report” by Figueiredo, Eber and Jorge

  • ©Frederico C. Figueiredo, Dena Elisabeth Eber, and Joaquim A. Jorge




    Computer Graphics Educational Materials Source Policies and Status Report



    CGEMS, the Computer Graphics Educational Materials Source, aims at supporting a worldwide community of Computer Graphics educators. Our goal in developing this service is to provide a means for educators’ work to be appraised and disseminated to other members of the community through an online server for refereed educational content. Since it was presented last year at SIGGRAPH in San Diego, CGEMS has evolved into a full-fledged peer-reviewed medium. This paper presents the current state of the server, reports on work developed and dissemination activities, but most importantly describes how and why educators should submit content.


    This work was supported in part by the European Commission grant Alfa II-0072A and by a Eurographics and SIGGRAPH Education Board special projects fund. The authors are especially indebted to Rhonda Schauer for her excellent contributions concerning stylesheets and browser independence. We are also grateful to Sónia Assunção who worked on the initial design. We would like to thank Steve Cunningham, Judy Brown and Colleen Case for many comments and suggestions.


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