“Computer Animation in the Fifth Generation” Moderated by David Zeltzer

  • ©Norman I. Badler, Gary Demos, Henry Fuchs, and Alan Kay



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    Computer Animation in the Fifth Generation



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    Beyond the steadily increasing visual complexity and realism of computer generated animation, recent research in computer graphics, artificial intelligence, robotics, VLSI and supercomputing will have a profound impact on the way we think of computer graphics and animation, and on the human-computer interface. Panelists describe the application of artificial intelligence to computer animation, and discuss the importance of integrating both robotics and knowledge engineering technologies in computer animation systems to give the full power of computer animation to both expert and non-expert users.
    The “Vivarium” project is discussed, which deals with a class of interactive learning tools aimed at developing models of biological habitats and animal behavior that can be used to drive animated simulations of evolutionary processes. A VLSI- based graphics system called PIXEL-PLANES, which is capable of generating shaded views of objects for real time animation, is described. Finally, the panel discusses the impact of supercomputers, such as the Cray XMP, on computer animation.

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