“Computational Design of Skintight Clothing” by Maestre, Thomaszewski, Mudur and Popa

  • ©Juan Sebastian Montes Maestre, Bernhard Thomaszewski, Sudhir P. Mudur, and Tiberiu Popa




    Computational Design of Skintight Clothing

Session/Category Title:   Deformation and Cloth



    We propose an optimization-driven approach for automated, physics-based pattern design for tight-fitting clothing. Designing such clothing poses particular challenges since large nonlinear deformations, tight contact between cloth and body, and body deformations have to be accounted for. To address these challenges, we develop a computational model based on an embedding of the two-dimensional cloth mesh in the surface of the three-dimensional body mesh. Our Lagrangian-on-Lagrangian approach eliminates contact handling while coupling cloth and body. Building on this model, we develop a physics-driven optimization method based on sensitivity analysis that automatically computes optimal patterns according to design objectives encoding body shape, pressure distribution, seam traction, and other criteria. We demonstrate our approach by generating personalized patterns for various body shapes and a diverse set of garments with complex pattern layouts.

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