“Compressing and companding high dynamic range images with subband architectures” by Li, Sharan and Adelson

  • ©Yuanzhen Li, Lavanya Sharan, and Edward H. Adelson




    Compressing and companding high dynamic range images with subband architectures



    High dynamic range (HDR) imaging is an area of increasing importance, but most display devices still have limited dynamic range (LDR). Various techniques have been proposed for compressing the dynamic range while retaining important visual information. Multi-scale image processing techniques, which are widely used for many image processing tasks, have a reputation of causing halo artifacts when used for range compression. However, we demonstrate that they can work when properly implemented. We use a symmetrical analysis-synthesis filter bank, and apply local gain control to the subbands. We also show that the technique can be adapted for the related problem of “companding”, in which an HDR image is converted to an LDR image, and later expanded back to high dynamic range.


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