“Commodity-Based Scalable Visualization” by Heirich, McPherson, Pavlakos, Eldridge, Humphreys, et al. …

  • ©Alan Heirich, Allen McPherson, Constantine Pavlakos, Matthew Eldridge, Greg Humphreys, Adam Finkelstein, and Randall Frank



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    Commodity-Based Scalable Visualization

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    Interest in parallel graphics and visualization for large graphics and visualization applications. Some familiarity with 3D graphics systems and applications.

    Scalable graphics architectures, scientific visualization, parallel visualization and rendering (polygonal and volume), graphics sorting, PC graphics, display technology and tiled-display systems, and hardware integration approaches for building cluster-based graphics systems. How parallel rendering can be achieved on clustered architectures. Overview of recent results.

    A new approach to scalable graphics systems proposes to assemble clusters of PC-like nodes that include 3D hardware acceleration. This clustering approach can also be used to drive multiple displays arranged in a tiled configuration that generates a single high-resolution display. The challenge is to demonstrate that the aggregate performance of such systems can be harnessed effectively, especially for large datasets. This course surveys efforts to develop such systems.


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