“Comandante’: Braving the Waves With Near Real-time Virtual Production Workflows” by Ring, Haug, Verga, Stump, Redmond, et al. …

  • ©Dan Ring, Kevin Tod Haug, Pierpaulo Verga, David Stump, Niall Redmond, Dan Caffrey, and Peter Canning



Entry Number: 03


    Comandante': Braving the Waves With Near Real-time Virtual Production Workflows



    The naval feature film “Comandante” is to be shot on a water stage within a waterproof but very low resolution LED volume. We developed our Near Real-Time (NRT) workflow to immediately improve the quality of a shot, seamlessly bridging In-Camera VFX (ICVFX) and post-production, allowing VFX to start on-set as soon as the director says ‘cut’. The NRT workflow brings together key advancements in lens calibration, machine learning and real-time rendering to deliver higher quality composites of what was just shot to the filmmakers, in a matter of minutes.


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