“CoLux: multi-object 3D micro-motion analysis using speckle imaging” by Smith, Desai, Agarwal and Gupta

  • ©Brandon Smith, Pratham Desai, Vishal Agarwal, and Mohit Gupta




    CoLux: multi-object 3D micro-motion analysis using speckle imaging

Session/Category Title:   Imaginative Imaging




    We present CoLux, a novel system for measuring micro 3D motion of multiple independently moving objects at macroscopic standoff distances. CoLux is based on speckle imaging, where the scene is illuminated with a coherent light source and imaged with a camera. Coherent light, on interacting with optically rough surfaces, creates a high-frequency speckle pattern in the captured images. The motion of objects results in movement of speckle, which can be measured to estimate the object motion. Speckle imaging is widely used for micro-motion estimation in several applications, including industrial inspection, scientific imaging, and user interfaces (e.g., optical mice). However, current speckle imaging methods are largely limited to measuring 2D motion (parallel to the sensor image plane) of a single rigid object. We develop a novel theoretical model for speckle movement due to multi-object motion, and present a simple technique based on global scale-space speckle motion analysis for measuring small (5–50 microns) compound motion of multiple objects, along all three axes. Using these tools, we develop a method for measuring 3D micro-motion histograms of multiple independently moving objects, without tracking the individual motion trajectories. In order to demonstrate the capabilities of CoLux, we develop a hardware prototype and a proof-of-concept subtle hand gesture recognition system with a broad range of potential applications in user interfaces and interactive computer graphics.


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