“Color Science and Color Management for CGI and Film” by Poynton, Bourgoin, LeHoty, Ramamurthy and Stone

  • ©Charles A. Poynton, Michael Bourgoin, Dave LeHoty, Arjun Ramamurthy, and Maureen C. Stone



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    Color Science and Color Management for CGI and Film

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    Some familiarity with color science, perhaps gained through a digital color course at a previous SIGGRAPH conference. This course was suitable for people who have no fear of mathematics and who are experienced in creating or manipulating digital images. 

    Tone reproduction, gamma, classical color science (colorimetry), color appearance, gamut, color management systems, characterization, calibration, profiling.

    How color is represented and processed as images are transferred between film and computer graphics. This course detailed the different forms of nonlinear coding (gamma) used in film, video, and CGI, explained why one system’s RGB does not necessarily match the RGB of another system, described color measurement instruments such as densitometers and colorimeters, introduced color appearance issues where color is not completely described by numbers, and explained how color management technology is currently used in film production (both animation and live action).


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