“Color Enhancement and Rendering in Film and Game Production” by Duiker, Glynn, Goldstone, Gotanda, Hoffman, et al. …

  • ©Haarm-Pieter Duiker, Dominic Glynn, Joseph Goldstone, Yoshiharu Gotanda, Joshua Pines, Jeremy Selan, and Stefan Sonnenfeld



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    Color Enhancement and Rendering in Film and Game Production

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    Production of convincing and compelling scene representations on limited display media is a challenge common to painting, photography, film production, and computer graphics. The core of the problem is finding a transformation from the colors in the original scene to those in the final image. For almost 200 years, this transformation has been primarily determined by the chemical and optical properties of film, which have been carefully engineered for pleasing results (the “film look”). Digital color enhancement has vastly extended the variety of possible looks, but the “film look” remains the default baseline.

    Despite its importance in film and game production, the transformation from scene-referred to display-referred colors (also called “rendering”; not to be confused with the more common computer graphics meaning of the term) is little-understood by many practitioners. This course covers the relevant theory, practical production methods, techniques and considerations relating to color enhancement, and rendering in both film and game production.  

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