“ChoreoGraphics: an authoring environment for dance shows” by Schulz and Velho

  • ©Adriana Schulz and Luiz Velho

  • ©Adriana Schulz and Luiz Velho




    ChoreoGraphics: an authoring environment for dance shows



    Novel graphics technologies have had a great impact on the movie industry, allowing the combination of real actors with virtual ones that are synthesized from captured performances. Although applications of these resources in other media have so far been little explored, recent trends indicates that artists will soon begin to use them creatively to produce new visual effects in dance shows, concerts, musicals and other spectacles. An important research direction that will allow this revolution to, in fact, take place is the development of authoring environments that serve as a bridge between artists and the emerging technologies.


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©Adriana Schulz and Luiz Velho ©Adriana Schulz and Luiz Velho

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