“Chinese ink and brush painting with reflections” by Liu and Akleman

  • ©Siran Liu and Ergun Akleman

  • ©Siran Liu and Ergun Akleman

  • ©Siran Liu and Ergun Akleman



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    Chinese ink and brush painting with reflections



    In this work, we have developed an approach to include global illumination effects into Chinese Paintings (see Figure 1). Our method provides a robust approach to represent tone and value in a way similar to how Chinese Ink-and-Brush is painted. The method, especially, supports reflection, shadow, atmospheric, depth and weathering effects. Using the method, we can recapture the aesthetic of irregularity in shapes and forms commonly seen in Chinese Painting. We also arrange composition in 3D to obtain multi-camera imagee that matches the compositions in Chinese painting. We also included cinematic lighting aesthetic in 3D Chinese painting to enhance mood and storytelling.

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©Siran Liu and Ergun Akleman


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