“Character Setup From Rig Mechanics to Skin Deformations: A Practical Approac” by Canetti, Piretti, Scaduto-Mendola and Schleifer

  • ©Yaron Canetti, Mark A. Piretti, Raffaele Scaduto-Mendola, and Jason Schleifer



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    Character Setup From Rig Mechanics to Skin Deformations: A Practical Approac

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    Working knowledge of high-end 3D software and understanding of basic 3D animation concepts such as inverse and forward kinematics, key frames, geometry types, and deformations. Highly recommended: ability to script and write expressions. Working knowledge of Maya or Softimage XSI is an advantage.

    Module 1: rotation order, extra controls, selection masks, mirroring controls, feet and leg setup, IK fingers, limit notification, automatic positioning of animation controls.

    Module 2: multi-layered rig setup, blending between behavioral and hand keyframe animation.

    Module 3: Improving skin deformations, workflows, bones geometry (acquiring and reassigning skin weights), muscles (anatomy and layering deformers).

    Module 4: Face rig (facial modeling, modeling in polygons, anatomy, sub-divided surfaces, proper arrangement of geometry), jaw setup (multiple-joint jaw rigs with control expressions), facial deformers (using wire deformers, lattices, and blend targets to create expressions).

    How body rigs, face rigs, pipeline integration, and muscles are used in character setup for rig mechanics and skin deformations, with an emphasis on practical, production-tested approaches that use off-the-shelf products.


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