“CARTE: A Thematic Mapping Program” by Wood and Austin

  • ©P. M. Wood and Donald M. Austin




    CARTE: A Thematic Mapping Program



    CARTE is the graphics display program of the LBL Computer Mapping System, producing thematic maps on microfilm at one hundredth the cost of producing negatives by hand. The program matches a geographical area with statistical data to produce graphic output on 35mm film in the form of cross-hatchedmaps for single-color printing or slides, or color separation frames for multi-color printing (either computer-generateddot screens or total mask frames for photographic screening).A versatile set of directives allows the user to design the map and a corresponding report, and to specify such features as automatic placement of area names, calculation of a smooth distribution for color coding, and boundary clipping to specified limits for sectioning a map.

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