“Careers in Computer Graphics Entertainment” by Falk, Shaw, Kobayashi, O’Byrne, Scherlis, et al. …

  • ©Rachel Falk, Kate Shaw, Hael Kobayashi, Luke O’Byrne, Dan Scherlis, and Robert (Bob) Nicoll



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    Careers in Computer Graphics Entertainment




    This panel provides a forum for information exchange between those interested in this field and the companies they might work for. We will specifically address the needs of the job market today and how to best prepare for entry into the industry. 

    Large companies have become departmentalized and require a specific set of skills for each production department. Smaller companies may rely more on individuals who can apply themselves in multiple areas or on skilled generalists. Depending on the company, its size and area of work, these requirements can vary. We intend to discuss these topics, their differences and similarities, and the advantages of each. 

    The panel consists of representatives from large, mid-size, and small companies that represent a variety of disciplines such as visual effects, digital features, commercials and games. 

    Topics of discussion will include skills required and job descriptions for production, production support, entry-level, and internship positions. Additional topics include how to apply for work, reel and resume preparation, and typical shortages and surpluses in job categories. Some of the questions we anticipate this panel addressing are: What does it mean to pursue a computer graphics career? What is the difference working in digital features versus visual effects? What is the difference between working at a small studio versus a large studio? What should I concentrate on while I’m pursuing my education? What will make me a strong applicant? What kind of position can I expect to get when I finish school? How should I determine my short- and long-term goals?

    It is important for students, educators, and others to have a clear understanding of the job categories available and the variety of computer graphics entertainment companies in business today.


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