“Business Graphics for Managers”

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    Business Graphics for Managers

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    Managers of all levels from the business segment who are considering the introduction or use of computer graphics in their companies. Attendees are not expected to be programmers but should have a rudimentary knowledge of data processing.


    This seminar will examine the critical issues facing a man- ager considering the introduction of computer graphics into a business environment. The impact of computer graphics upon management productivity will be developed through success and horror stories. Methods for effective justification and implementation of computer graphics into business environments will be developed as a way of enhancing expectations of effective usage. The facilities available in high-quality slide systems will be explained along with a discussion of how these systems are economically justifiable. The advent of reliable, low-cost networks is thrusting computer graphics into the office revolution. This distribution of computer graphics between the workstation and minicomputers will become increasingly important. Examples will illustrate the future of office systems and graphics in accessing data bases and applications via distributed graphics workstations.

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